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The Shopper is a free community newspaper serving Allegany County and surrounding counties in The Potomac Highlands of West Virginia. The publication has been the recipient of many state and national awards for advertising design and promotions.

Founded in 1973, The Shopper is distributed every two weeks to supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide effective advertising to area businesses and to our readers. We are also committed to providing related support services and products, including marketing and promotion to businesses and the general public in the Tri-State area.

We're dedicated to helping local businesses prosper by continuing to improve our technical and marketing skills and sharing that knowledge consistently in a creative, personal atmosphere.

Publisher - Steve Vandenberg
Sales Manager - Eileen Pitt
Circulation - Buddy Guy
Commercial Printing - Phil Tang
Ad Specialties - Marcia McClinton

86.4% of area residents state that they read The Shopper regularly*
(*Source: T.S. Daniels Media Research, St. Louis, Missouri)

Your Items For Sale Run Until Sold *

Classified Ad Rates

If You Have Items to Give Away

No Charge

Wanted To Buy Items (Ad Runs 3 Months)

Only $14.00

EACH ITEM up to $50

Only $4.00

EACH ITEM up to $100

Only $8.00

EACH ITEM up to $500

Only $14.00

EACH ITEM up to $1,000

Only $18.00

EACH ITEM up to $2,000

Only $22.00

EACH ITEM up to $3,000

Only $24.00

EACH ITEM up to $4,000

Only $28.00

EACH ITEM up to $5,000

Only $32.00

EACH ITEM Over $5,000

Only $34.00

* Items with an asking price over $5,000 run 6-8 months.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: On a piece of paper write your ad items and try to keep the wording of your ad copy as brief as possible. If you need help with your ad call The Shopper at 301-777-3243 and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you. We cancel ads after 6 to 8 months due to so many Shoppr ad items having been sold and not cancelled. However if you notice your ad has been cancelled and the item(s) have not sold and have an asking price of less than $5,000 - Call The Shoppers and your ad will be re-inserted at No Charge, and run for another 6 months or UNTIL THE ITEMS SELL.

Send Check or Money Order To:
The Shoppers
P.O. Box 291
Cumberland, MD 21502